Watford FC Women 1-3 Sheffield United Women: Junior Hornet Jess’ Match Report

The Hornets Vs The Blades at home with an attendance of 1872 supporters. Come on girls, lets do this!!

The Golden Girls had a great first start 1-1 come on Watford!

The best players so far are Leon, Bennett and of course Goldsmid our goal keeper . this is my match report of what happened:

At the start Johns intervened obtaining the ball from the Blades and got it our goal end, but sadly no goal- I was gutted. The Blades got it down their end, but Leon managed to get it away, Hutton (Blades) playing dirty, pushing and shoving. The Blades throw in intervened by Leon.

Another Blades throw in led to an attempt but well saved by Goldsmid – phew. A tackle by Fleming gave the Blades a free kick. In the 11th minute the Blades got the ball and made an attempt, it was cleared but within seconds the ball flew above the keepers hand to the top right corner giving the Blades a 1-0 lead.

The Hornets battled on to get it down their goal end, sadly they struggled and the Blades had a corner which was well cleared by McLean. Baptiste played strong getting the ball back, but challenged by two and it was back with the Blades. The Blades tried to score but it hit the goalie in the face – ouch, but what a save!

Corner taken by Leon, kept it in the Hornets possession for a while but before long it was back with the Blades and quickly tackled by the Hornets. The Blades managed to win the ball back and attempted a goal but Bennett blocked it.

Leon threw it in the ball, got up the pitch but the Blades intervened.

Watford go a free kick because the Blades were playing dirty. Watford scored by Bennett- amazing goal leading to a draw at 25 mins.

Watford kept it strong, showing the Blades what they can do. Hornets kept possession and crossed in front of the goal, a near miss.

Baptiste played strong, getting the challenge in and winning the ball for another cross. Sadly no one was supporting her for the goal line up. The Blades got possession back, getting their end. Johns got the tackle in and the Hornets held possession again. The Hornets got up goal end but the Blades goalie was on form and got in there to get the ball.

The opposition, Goodwin used her height bonus to block a pass but then was taken down in a dirty challenge by Fleming for the Hornets, yellow card and free kick given.

Hutton took the free kick, a high one that skimmed heads and went out. Goal ball taken to get it back down our end. Blades got possession back but an off side was given and free kick to the Hornets.

A sneaky backwards kick, sadly went off. Giving the Blades possession again. Quickly tackled and back in possession of the Hornets.

39 mins and a free-kick for The Blades was smoothly saved, back in the home possession and passed well down to our goal. A near miss, the pressure was on in the lead up to half time. Could we sneak one in before the whistle to give us the lead.

Free kicked headed away from the goal by Bennett. 4 mins extra time and the Hornets got it to the goal line but it was stolen at the post by The Blades – a superb save, disappointingly.

Corner to the Hornets and 1 minute left of the first half- possession remained equal.

The second half began and quickly the Hornets had possession and an early attempt of a goal was made by Baptiste. The left top corner attempt was made, but missed…. Ahhh unlucky.

In a challenge made by the Blades, the shirt collar was grabbed allowing the Hornets to have a free kick and they tried to get the ball back their end. Sadly it was unsuccessful and stayed the Blades’ end.

The fans were vocal with “Yellows” heard from the Graham Taylor Stand. Will this boost them in the second half?

A corner was taken by the Blades and it was challenging for the Hornets to get the ball back as it remained in the Blades half. To mix it up a Watford sub was made and on came Harbert and off came Palisch. Many balls hit out of play by the Hornets but a good save made on a Blades attempt to score.

Free kick given to the Hornets which was strong, but not strong enough to give us the lead. The ball headed up the Blades end, but was quickly returned to Hornets end and lost. A Blades player was taken down in the box, after some quick medical attention she was back on and the game continued.

Watford take the ball back up their goal end and excitement rose, but sadly no goal attempt was made. The Blades fought back to have an attempt, but the Hornets goalie remained strong. The Blades continued to fight back and a strong attempt for a goal was made, but it missed as was too high.

The ref had a word with the Blades player after a foul, Hornets worked well as a team, keeping the ball moving and kept much possession. The Hornets passed between them, leaving the Blades running around. A moment later the Blades got hold of the ball and a goal was achieved, 2-1 down at 70mins. Haines was brought on as a substitute, can she support in a win?

A quick run down the pitch and at 71 mins, they got the ball past the goalie and the Blades were 3-1 up. Come on Watford… you can do it! I can’t watch…. Come on Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls still played on strongly, getting the ball down to the goal but sadly challenged.

2 more subs were made, a real mix up of fresh players will hopefully give us the boost we need. Some good passes and a cross was attempted, but there wasn’t enough support in the box for a goal and The Blades goalie was at the ball each time.

The Golden Girls kept The Blades on their feet and the challenge up til the end, the Blades were quick to go down with an injury… 86 mins and Watford take the ball, yellow card for the Blades goalie for what looked like a bad challenge.

6 mins added to the second half… can we get some back? The free kick is taken but deflected and out. Corner taken by the Hornets. They battled on, showing no defeat and sticking together. 96 mins and an attempt of goal for Watford was punched away…

A final score of 3-1, a disappointing defeat for the Hornets on this chilly Sunday. Better luck next time ladies….. You orns!!!!