A Day At Vicarage Road: Fan Report

My Matchday Experience of Watford’s Stadium!

Written by Makenzie McCarthy (Year 7, Sandringham School) 

When you enter the stadium you can smell the tasty cooking of the food. The mixture of the smells when you walk in is absolutely divine. The heat of the chips floating about puts a warm smile on everyones face.

The warming feeling when you have the first bite of the chips just makes you want you to have more. The heat of the chips makes you shiver when they melt in your mouth. The delicious taste drifts down your body and makes you feel addicted to the chips!

As you slowly sit down on the relaxing seat you start to sink in to the comfy chair. Wiggling about you can feel the squishiness of the seat and as you move out of it you realise that youre stuck and the only place you can be is watching the game.

The raging fans scream as the game starts. Excitement of the stadium turns into anger and disappointment as the referee gives a yellow card. The infuriated fans jump out of their seats, start shouting and yell at the referee.

Players spread across the gigantic pitch moving from side to side as the ball gets closer and closer towards the goal. SMACK a goal is scored. Jumping out of their seats, screaming with excitement the fans settle down happily and calmly.

Half time and its been so spellbinding-  a penalty has been given to the other team and they almost scored. The atmosphere changes from time to time: we feel excited -scared -nervous. Any feeling you can ever get will describe the atmosphere in Watford stadium.

Deafening noises echo through the pitch as the chanting and singing get louder and louder. Its like a tiger roaring as loud as it could. You can hear the polyrythm from the other team and us chanting as loud as we can – eager to win this game.

The beat of the music hits against your stomach as it bangs so loud that you cant hear a thing. The chanting and singing gets louder,  so loud you can hear it from a mile away. The words, the songs, the tune just puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it €“ since I was young I followed them -Watford FC the team for me.

The vast pitch spreads across the stadium while the players on the pitch are taking their places for a goal kick. Running across the gigantic pitch taking the ball with them gets so close to goal –  but ends up an unlucky try for the other team.

On a freezing cold day the crowd of the stadium makes you feel warm and cosy watching the game. As everyone jumps out of their seats the feeling when youre cuddled together puts a happy smile on everyones faces.

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